In January 2015, THE SHOP opened its doors in the same space that Main Street Hair Salon had done business for more than two decades. As a staple to the Cape St. Claire community, Main Street Hair Salon has provided a true family experience. A mix of Steel Magnolias and Cheers, Main Street was the place where you went to catch up on the community news. The place where everyone knows eachother. Salon chairs are turned to the center of the space, and clients and stylists share conversations, stories and laughter. Having worked at Main Street for more than 8 years as a hair stylist, I was given the chance to take over the space.  As an artist and a musician, it has always been my dream to combine all of my passions into one unique experience. I am beyond excited to share this space with the community.  Keeping the charm of Main Street, (and the stylists!), THE SHOP will continue to be the place that patrons will come to converse, tell stories and laugh. Now, they will also have the opportunity to participate in art workshops, receptions, cabaret performances and other community events. THE SHOP is committed to providing a true community space that allows for collaboration and celebration. Visit the CALENDAR to see everything that we offer!

HAIR salon

The Shop
  • STACY 443-852-4778
  • MICHELLE 410-991-5558
  • TINA 443-370-8918
  • MELODY 443-404-8943
  • AIMEE 410-858-3962

❝All you need is love and great hair.❞
― Anonymous